Spherically Shaping Graphite

Spherically Shaping Graphite for Lithium Ion Batteries

The basics of the system are as follows: Spherical graphite is produced by moving (circulating) the micronized graphite material at great speed in a stainless steel cylinder, allowing the weight of the material to carry itself into the wall of the cylinder, with enough impact to break off the small rough protruding pieces on the planner edge, thus leaving a smooth edge. The impact must be soft enough not to crush the material, yet strong enough to smooth out the rough edges producing a potato like shape. The “wanding method” is comprised of a long vertical cylinder with articulating wands, that rotate in the opposing direction to the air feed direction, encouraging the graphite to continually bounce off the wall as it travels up the cylinder. Contemporaneously, the graphite and pressurized air meet at the blending coupling and enter the cylinder at the base; angled to flow the air up the walls of the cylinder in a spiral pattern. Traveling up and into the cylinder causes the micronized graphite to lightly bouncing off the interior wall of the cylinder at a tremendous velocity. The material repeatedly hits the interior wall through the air feed and the wanding also forces the material to strike the wall repeatedly. At the top, the material is captured in the recovery filtration system.

the system is a continuous feed and can produce material from3 microns in 30 microns in 2.5 micron increments

The diagram below, shows the basic functioning processes and the material flow. The Company plans to complete a bench scale version that should be able to produce sample material for customers. The next step in the process is the carbon coating of the shaped material. The Company will complete the patent filing for the coater by mid next week, with a goal to release that information to our shareholders. Each of these steps continues to move the Company forward in its efforts to create commercially-available value-added graphene products for the growing markets it represents.  Previously announced in press release dated November 9, 2015.

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